General FAQ

What is ZATAP?
ZATAP is a Product Cloud Platform reshaping the consumer-brand interaction landscape. Our mission is to elevate joy by seamlessly merging physical products with the digital realm, crafting an immersive “phygital” experience for consumers and enthusiasts alike. With headquarters in Switzerland and New York City, ZATAP collaborates with global enterprises including Hugo Boss, McLaren Racing, Alpine Racing, Universal Music, Atlético Mineiro, AS Monaco, and the NHL’s Nashville Predators.

How can the NFC tags be integrated in physical items?
The NFC tags can either be integrated during or post-production. During production they can be sewn between two layers of material. It is important that the tags do not move and that they are not sewn through, as this destroys the functionality. The other possibility is to implement the tag post-production with the industry-standard heat-printing technology. They can be placed under every badge, label, name and numbering, etc. that is flocked/printed onto the product. The most common place for the integration of the NFC tag in sports is right under the club emblem, etiquette or a specific badge.

How big are the tags and how durable are they?
Our tags are about the size of a quarter (25mm) and are heat-, cold- and water-resistant. The NFC tags can be bent and survive all kinds of weather conditions. Water-resistant and washable, our “in-product” NFC tags We guarantee at least 100 washing cycles before the NFC tag gets destroyed or the badge/emblem on top of it is damaged. However, the tags should not be folded completely or stitched through.

Do you manufacture the clothes as well?
Typically, we don’t manufacture clothes; however, we collaborate with manufacturers worldwide to streamline the integration process for our clients, accommodating their specific requirements.

How long is the end-to-end process?
The duration varies depending on factors such as the quantity of units and integration preferences. Typically, the process spans between 4 to 12 weeks.

Can we integrate into our own system?
Absolutely. We provide a complimentary API to all clients, enabling seamless integration of our solution into their existing apps. While adjustments on both iOS and Android platforms may incur integration costs, we recommend sports clubs to integrate ZATAP features into their apps for sustained user engagement. For brands without existing apps or where multi-brand collectors are likely, utilizing the ZATAP app offers myriad benefits, including zero app development or integration costs and swift, out-of-the-box solutions.

Do I have to create new marketing material?
Not necessarily. Many clients repurpose existing content and still achieve remarkable engagement. However, we recommend generating promotional material for product launches, such as social media announcements and flyers, to maximize impact and reach. Our team will support you to advise best practices and provide templates for basic content.

How can I access the ZATAP ecosystem and its features?
Download our ZATAP app from App Store or Google Play and create a personal profile.

In what products can I find the ZATAP NFC tags?
At the moment, the ZATAP NFC tags can be found on selected sneaker brands, high-end watches, and sports merchandise.

Does ZATAP work worldwide?
Yes! Only an internet connection is required for full functionality.


What is Product-Based Storytelling?
Product-Based Storytelling is a solution offered by ZATAP that enables brands to engage their customers directly through their products. This involves telling a story directly through the product itself, storing memories on the product, or utilizing digital twins in various ways, such as in video games or avatars.

What is Upselling & Dynamic Sponsor Activations?
Our product commerce solution allows brands to activate digital campaigns directly on physical products, enabling pre-buying rights or discounts for loyal customers and facilitating up- or cross-selling products that complement existing ones.

What is Wear-to-Earn Loyalty?
This solution enhances brand-fan interaction by offering wear-to-earn and loyalty programs, allowing fans to unlock exclusive perks and engage in community activities by tapping their product.

What is Digital Product Passport (DPP)?
Digital Product Passport offers brands compliance with upcoming regulations, allowing for transparent sharing of the product’s value chain via the product itself and storing authenticity and information securely on the Blockchain.

What is Brand Protection?
Brand Protection safeguards brands against counterfeit products and unauthorized distribution by using blockchain and encrypted NFC tags, allowing customers to verify the authenticity of products with a single tap.

What is Circularity?
Circularity enables customers to verify the authenticity of products, ensuring secure peer-to-peer trading without intermediaries and fostering the growth of a circular economy.

What is Product Venue Access?
Product Venue Access enables fans to convert their merchandise into a ticket, streamlining stadium entry and enhancing the fan experience by offering opportunities for gamification and loyalty connections.


What is ZATAP Product Cloud Platform?
ZATAP Product Cloud Platform is an innovative solution designed to enhance your brand’s presence in the phygital era and engage consumers. It combines physical product identification with digital content delivery, seamlessly integrating offline and online experiences.

What can I do with ZATAP Product Cloud Platform?
With ZATAP, you can digitize your products, create immersive phygital experiences accessible through one tap of a smartphone, bridge realms between physical and digital worlds, engage customers with captivating content, and analyze interactions to drive growth and inform business decisions.

How does ZATAP bridge realms with physical identification?
ZATAP offers a suite of physical identifiers like NFC tags and QR codes, seamlessly integrated with robust front-end and API solutions. These identifiers, coupled with ZATAP Mobile App and Web-App, enable effortless product authentication and enhanced customer engagement, bridging the realms of physical and digital.

What is the Content Management System (CMS) offered by ZATAP?
ZATAP’s intuitive CMS allows you to effortlessly add, edit, and manage content across all platforms. From captivating visuals to compelling narratives, you can create immersive campaigns that resonate with your audience, driving meaningful engagement and fostering lasting connections.

How does ZATAP Analytics platform help in driving growth?
ZATAP Analytics platform provides deep insights into product interactions, user engagement, and customer relationships. By leveraging these insights, you can optimize marketing campaigns, strengthen CRM strategies, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and success for your brand.

How can I get started with ZATAP Product Cloud Platform?
To get started with ZATAP, you can book a demo through our website. Our team will guide you through the features and functionalities of the platform, helping you unlock the full potential of phygital products for your brand.

Is ZATAP suitable for businesses of all sizes?
Yes, ZATAP is designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Whether you’re looking to enhance customer engagement, drive growth, or strengthen your brand presence, ZATAP offers scalable solutions tailored to your requirements.

Can we change the content in a product at will?
Yes, you have the flexibility to modify most of the content within a product as needed. However, it’s important to note that certain fundamental details such as the product name, brand name, etc., are securely stored on the blockchain and cannot be altered (though you can adjust how they’re displayed). On the other hand, elements like images, texts, messages, videos, and more can be dynamically and instantly adjusted to suit your requirements.


What is blockchain and how does it work?
A blockchain is a data structure that is designed to maintain a digital ledger of transactions. The software that manages a blockchain works by distributing copies of this ledger to every computer running the software, creating a decentralized network of machines that all hold the same exact transaction history. When an entry is added to the ledger on one machine, every other machine participating in the network must update their ledger to match the changes. It can be thought of, more familiarly, as an extra secure database with the added benefits of transparency and decentralization. This is how we store the details of your portfolio so that, by virtue of some clever cryptography, only you have the credentials to transfer the ownership of your collectibles. Blockchain technology ensures that the ZATAP product ecosystem is as secure as technically possible.

What happens with my data when I delete my ZATAP account?
Your user account and all associated data will be deleted from our database. The blockchain wallet will persist, but all connections between the wallet and your user account will be deleted. The products in your portfolio will be deleted from our database.

What does NFC stand for and how does it work?
NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a technology that enables a wireless connection between battery-free, passive tags with a reading device such as a smartphone.

Which smartphones work with NFC?
iOS: iPhone 7 or newer versions.

Android: all the latest Android smartphones can scan NFC tags. See Android Compatibility Document for more information about older models.

Where else is NFC technology normally used?
NFC technology is widely employed in various applications beyond ZATAP, notably in contactless payment systems, transportation passes, smart posters, and access control systems.

What information is stored on ZATAP NFC tags?
ZATAP NFC tags are encoded with an encrypted URL (web address) and a unique NFC-ID. They do not contain any personal data or access information stored on the device used for reading, ensuring privacy and security.

Is customer-specific data stored on the ZATAP NFC tags?
No, ZATAP NFC tags do not store any customer-specific data. They are passive tags containing only an encrypted URL (web address) and a unique NFC-ID, solely utilized for product identification and authentication purposes.

Can I be located through the ZATAP NFC tags?
No, ZATAP NFC tags do not have the capability to track your location. They are designed solely for product authentication and interaction purposes.

Can the ZATAP NFC tags be removed?
The ZATAP NFC tags cannot be removed without being destroyed. This is an important security feature of the ZATAP NFC tags.

Can I take products with ZATAP NFC tags through a security check e.g. at the airport?
Yes! There are no known restrictions.


How can I transfer a product to another user?
Open the ZATAP app and click on the product in your collection that you would like to transfer. Press “transfer product” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Are there different authentication levels?
Yes, there are three different authentication levels depending on the authenticating party. See our Level of Authentication Chart for a complete overview.

How and where can I upgrade my authentication level?
To upgrade your authentication level please visit one of our trusted partners or come to our booth at selected Sneakerness events.

The field displaying the authenticator is not shown. What does that mean?
When the field displaying the authenticator is hidden, it is an indication that the products equipped with the ZATAP NFC tags are non-authenticated. Please be aware that when buying these products, you trust the seller’s expertise and integrity. For a complete overview of the different levels of authentication, see our Level of Authentication Chart.

Do I need to pay any additional service charges when I use the ZATAP ecosystem/app and its features?
No! There are no extra or hidden charges for using the technology or the ZATAP app.

Are there any differences between the iOS and Android apps?
You might encounter subtle differences between the apps, but the displayed content and offered services are identical for both iOS and Android.


I did not receive a verification email. What should I do?
Please check if the verification email titled “verify your email” has landed in your spam folder. If you did not receive a verification email, please contact our customer support at

I have a new smartphone. How can I get access to my ZATAP profile?
Install the ZATAP app on the new smartphone and login to your ZATAP account to recover your blockchain wallet. In order to complete the recovery, you will need to put in your 12-word recovery phrase that was given to you during the initial account creation.

I forgot my 12-word recovery phrase. What should I do?
Please contact our customer support at

What should I do if the ZATAP NFC tag is broken?
In case the embedded ZATAP NFC tag is broken, please contact our customer support at