collectID Year-End Recap: Unforgettable Milestones in 2023

collectid year end recap
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As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the extraordinary journey that has defined collectID’s year. From groundbreaking collaborations to exciting ventures, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation in the intersection of sports, fashion, and technology. In this recap, we’ll highlight all the achievements that shaped the latter part of our year and set the stage for an even more promising 2024.

Before you keep reading, check out our mid-year review to see all we accomplished in the first half of this year!

July: Redefining Fan Experiences

The second half of our 2023 journey took off with a new partnership:

Karlsruher SC Partnership: Revolutionizing Fan Experience

We announced an exciting collaboration with Karlsruher SC, another soccer club that is redefining the fan experience through connected merchandise. The integration of an NFC fan chip in the new home jersey opened up a new world of exclusive content for KSC fans, setting the tone for our commitment to transforming how fans engage with their favorite teams.

karlsruher sc

Continuing this commitment:

BSC Young Boys Unveil 23-24 Season Jersey Kits

We unveiled the BSC Young Boys’ 23-24 season jerseys, equipped with collectID NFC tags. This move signifies the future of phygital merchandising, blending tradition and technology to elevate the fan experience to new heights.

FCSG Fan Scarf in Action

In July, we also got to witness the FC St.Gallen fan scarf in action. For the first time, FC St.Gallen season ticket holders holders enjoyed a seamless stadium entry experience, thanks to their exclusive NFC-tagged fan scarves. Not only is FCSG revolutionizing the fan experience, but the club has also introduced an innovative way to bring the team colors into the stadium.

August: Bridging Connections Through Technology

In August, our focus remained on creating deeper connections between fans and their favorite teams:

FC Zürich 23/24 Home and Away Kits Powered by collectID

Our collaboration with FC Zürich took center stage in August, powering their 23/24 home and away kits with collectID technology. Fans could unlock exclusive content, creating a deeper connection between the club and its supporters.

EAZ’s Album Release Party

Our venture into the realm of music and entertainment with Swiss rapper EAZ’s album release showcased the versatility of our technology. Earlier this year, we collaborated with Universal Music Switzerland and EAZ to bring our technology to a limited edition t-shirt in anticipation of EAZ’s new album release, “Liquor Store.” The pre-listening party was one of the activations on the Liquor Store shirt, where fans had the opportunity to win tickets and bring a plus one to listen to the album before its release. Stay tuned for more projects in the music and entertainment industry in 2024!


September: Embracing Innovation and Collaboration

September was a month of innovation, highlighting our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and collaboration:

Unveiling the ZATAP App and Brand Identity

We introduced our new app and brand identity, ZATAP, packed with features to enhance interactions. The launch symbolized our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation and providing customers and fans with experiences that bring them joy.


World Football Summit in Sevilla

Our team members, Lukas Paschka and Ana Sofia Martins represented collectID at the World Football Summit in Sevilla, showcasing our technology and success stories while fostering new connections in the sports world.

collectID Autumn Camp

The eagerly anticipated second annual collectID Autumn Camp marked the end of September. The week was a blend of insights, meaningful interactions, and collaborations, setting the tone for the exciting journey ahead.

BWT Alpine F1 Team

The end of September also brought our second collaboration in Formula 1 this year and the first phygital Formula 1 jersey. Owners of the BWT Alpine F1 Team’s Mexico GP jersey had the unique opportunity to enter in a raffle to meet Pierre Gasly in person in Mexico. An excellent example of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities our technology creates.

October: Recognitions and Collaborations

In October, we received recognition for our efforts and continued collaborations:

RSC Anderlecht’s Tribute to Paul van Himst

RSC Anderlecht paid tribute to club icon Paul van Himst on his 80th birthday with a limited edition shirt. Scanning the jersey’s logo directly leads fans to a web page where they can relive Paul’s rich career through 80 unique images, merging nostalgia with cutting-edge technology.

i4Challenge “Innovative Solutions” Award 2023

We were honored to receive the i4Challenge “Innovative Solutions” 2023 award, recognizing our efforts in bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms.

ELLYHA Collaboration – High-End Fashion with Technology

Our second project with ELLYHA, a high-end ready-to-wear brand from Switzerland, continued to redefine elegance through conscious design, showcasing the authenticity and exclusivity that our technology brings to the world of fashion.

November: Pushing Boundaries in FanCommerce

In November, our dynamic team took the stage at the ESB Marketing Netzwerk FanCommerce Forum in Hamburg, sharing our vision on “Phygital Merchandising” alongside industry peers alongside our clients from FC St.Gallen and RSC Anderlecht.

Art Meets Innovation: VfB Stuttgart x Tim Bengel Limited Edition Jersey

VfB Stuttgart and artist Tim Bengel brought together art, football, and technology in a limited edition jersey, offering fans an immersive experience and the opportunity to win exclusive access to a VIP match where they could meet Tim Bengel and a VfB player.


December: Celebrating Football Excellence and Technological Innovation

As the year drew to a close, we continued celebrating football excellence and technological innovation:

AS Monaco Collaboration with COPA: UEFA Champions League 2003/2004 Limited Edition Jersey

AS Monaco, in collaboration with COPA, unveiled a limited edition jersey commemorating the UEFA Champions League 2003/2004. Equipped with collectID’s NFC technology, this jersey stands as a symbol of two decades of football history, bridging the gap between legacy and cutting-edge technology.

Looking Forward to 2024: A Future Filled with Achievements

As we close the chapter on 2023, our team eagerly awaits the opportunities and challenges that 2024 will bring. We extend our gratitude to our partners, collaborators, and the entire collectID team for their dedication and contributions. Together, let’s continue pushing boundaries and making waves in the intersection of sports, fashion, technology, and beyond.

Stay connected for more updates, collaborations, and innovations from collectID in the coming year. Here’s to a future filled with groundbreaking achievements and unparalleled success!

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