Revolutionizing NIL Deals: How collectID Technology Empowers Brands and College Athletes

revolutionizing nil deals: how collectID technology empowers brands and college athletes
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Empowering Global Brands
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Empowering Global Brands
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Now more than ever before, the relationships between brands, college athletes, and their respective universities are becoming increasingly important as new legislation allows student-athletes to benefit financially from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). It is essential to create a win-win NIL partnership so both athletes and businesses can have an optimal experience. Moreover, we live in a time where technology is developing at lightning speed, and leveraging the power of new technologies can help take NIL deals to the next level.

In this blog post you’ll learn how collectID can help you meet NIL goals by connecting brands with exceptional athletes for long-lasting interactions that everyone involved will benefit from. As new opportunities continue to arise with NIL deals, we are here to make sure it’s easy for parties on all sides to come together seamlessly through our innovative technology. Keep reading to understand how collectID provides a dynamic platform to create meaningful corporate sponsorships for talented student-athletes!


The Growing Impact of NIL on the Sports Industry and How Brands Can Take Advantage 

The sports industry has been revolutionized by the concept of Name, Image, and Likeness or NIL, which refers to the ability of student-athletes in college to profit from their own publicity. With this new development, the potential for athletes to make money off sponsorships has increased exponentially. Brands can now take utilize college athletes as influencers and brand ambassadors to improve their marketing strategies by collaborating with athletes who are aligned with their values. This not only benefits the brands but also supports the growth of the athletes’ careers as they gain more exposure. 

NIL has the potential to change the game in the sports industry, creating an exciting new chapter in athlete marketing collaborations. As this trend grows, forward-thinking brands and companies should take advantage of this opportunity to build beneficial partnerships with athletes and reap the rewards of a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Benefits for Brands Entering into NIL Deals: Expanding Brand Reach and Building Customer Loyalty

In recent years, college athletes have become major influencers in the marketing world. The NIL policies now in place for college athletes have opened up new opportunities for brands to build relationships with these young, passionate, and talented athletes. By partnering with college athletes, brands can gain a competitive edge over their competitors while also helping these athletes to monetize their talents.

Olivia Dunne
LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne has a combined 11.3 million followers on social media and makes an
estimated $3.5 million in NIL endorsement deals (Photo Credit: Brandon Gallego)

Entering into NIL deals also enables brands to access unique, niche audiences, deepening customer relationships, and fostering brand loyalty. Additionally, NIL deals also offer brands many opportunities to build brand awareness, drive sales, and increase engagement and followers on social media platforms. For brands looking to establish a unique and authentic connection with audiences through sports, especially the Gen Z audience, there has never been a better time to enter into NIL deals with college athletes.

Leveraging collectID’s Technology for Mutually Beneficial Partnerships 

College sports have always been a popular pastime in the United States, and the industry surrounding these games is enormous. However, the players themselves have often struggled to access the profits from their own hard work and talent. With NIL policies now in place, this opens the door for unique partnerships for brands and college athletes.

This is where collectID comes in: our innovative phygital technology helps brands create partnerships with college athletes that benefit everyone involved. We enable this by integrating Near-Field-Communication (NFC) tags into physical items and connecting them to a digital twin that serves as a direct marketing tool and sales channel for brands to communicate with customers. When customers tap their phone on their item, they unlock this digital twin. The digital twin not only provides a direct communication channel for brands to reach customers but also provides a unique and exclusive experience for fans.

An Illustrative Example: Acme Corporation and Joe Smith Partnership

To illustrate this further, let’s say Acme Corporation partners up with Joe Smith, who plays basketball at Generic University. To create a mutually beneficial relationship that stands out among the rest, they could release a limited collection of Joe Smith shirts that are sponsored by Acme. Through the digital twin of the Smith shirts, customers get exclusive access to things like behind-the-scenes content of Smith mic’d up at practice, discounts to the University team shop, and a giveaway sponsored by Acme. With this kind of technology, everyone involved benefits, including the end-customer. Fan engagement for Smith and the University increases as does brand awareness for Acme, and the end-customer gets exclusive access to the content on the Joe Smith shirt. Further, Acme can continue to use this new channel as a means to upsell products. 

Through phygital technology, brands have a unique way to elevate their partnerships with athletes where both parties can earn money directly through this new sales channel. By bridging the gap between brands and college athletes, collectID is revolutionizing the way we think about sports endorsements – and helping to make sure that the people who make college sports great can finally reap the rewards they deserve.

Building Lasting Fan Connections with collectID Technology

In the United States, college fan bases are massive. A recent study from strategy consultant TJ Altimore estimates that Ohio State’s football fan base is approximately 11.26 million people. This means there’s a significant opportunity for fan engagement at universities across the United States; however, capturing attention and establishing meaningful connections with such expansive fan bases can pose a challenge. 

Ohio State Football Stadium
The Ohio State Football Stadium

With the help of collectID technology, ongoing engagement with these fans becomes effortless and effective. By collecting data on the fans’ interests, purchasing decisions, and other important factors, brands can tailor their communication and support to meet each individual’s unique needs. This technology not only saves time and energy, but it also helps to cultivate genuine connections between fan bases and their school, a particular athlete, or a brand. Using collectID, brands, student athletes, and universities can build a sense of community and support that extends beyond the college years, creating relationships that will last well into the future.

Embracing the Future: Exploring the Potential of NIL Deals

There’s a lot of excitement around the possibilities for NIL deals between brands and college athletes. The recent legal changes have created a new playing field, which offers great potential for both parties. With students now able to profit from their name, image, and likeness, a new generation of athletes is emerging that will be empowered and motivated to leverage their following like never before.

As we look ahead to the future, the possibilities for both brands and college athletes are limitless. By working together, they can create meaningful and long-lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved. The potential impact of NIL deals is enormous, and we can only imagine what kind of remarkable collaborations will be created in the coming years. 

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