Sports Marketing in the Off-Season: 5 Winning Strategies to Keep Fans Engaged Year-Round

sports marketing in the off-season
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June is considered by many to be the greatest month for sports but now that we are halfway through the month, the 2022-23 season for some of the most popular sports leagues is either over or coming to a close. As a result, the buzz and excitement from fans will slowly fade until the next season starts. For sports clubs, we know that keeping fans engaged in the off-season can be a challenge. Without the team playing games or any live action to get excited about, how do you maintain engagement from those passionate supporters willing to come back year after year?

The answer lies in utilizing creative strategies that leverage digital tools such as collectID technology. In this blog post, we will discuss innovative approaches to marketing during the off-season and provide winning strategies on how you can keep fans engaged all year round!

1. Connect with Fans on Social Media and Through Email

If you’re looking to connect with your fans and build a loyal following, it’s no secret that social media and email are two powerful tools that you can leverage. These channels provide you with direct access to your audience and offer an opportunity to engage and communicate with them on a personal level.

By sharing updates, exclusive content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and other insights, you can create a sense of community around your brand and foster deeper connections with your fans. Plus, with the ability to track metrics and analyze feedback, you can gain valuable insights into what your audience wants to see and how you can better serve them.

So whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing fan relationships, social media and email are two must-haves in your toolkit.

2. Offer Promotions and Giveaways to Increase Engagement

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s not enough to simply offer a great product or service. You need to draw attention to your brand and engage with your audience on a deeper level. One way to do this is by offering promotions and giveaways that not only incentivize potential customers to take action, but also show them that you appreciate their support. 

By providing unique and exciting ways to interact with your brand, you can build a loyal customer base and ultimately increase your bottom line. So, whether it’s a limited-time offer at your team store or a social media contest, don’t be afraid to get creative with your promotions and giveaways – the results may just surprise you.

3. Showcase Team Content Like Videos and Photos

Are you tired of your team’s content getting lost in the sea of social media? It’s time to showcase your team’s creativity and hard work like never before with videos and photos. Your team’s unique perspective can be shared with the world in just a few clicks. 

Think about content that fans wouldn’t normally be able to see like a player mic’d up at practice, behind-the-scenes videos, locker room speeches, or post-win celebrations (like the Denver Nuggets video below). Sharing unique content with fans outside of the season will keep them engaged and create excitement about the upcoming season.

With platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, the possibilities are endless. Build your team’s brand and create a loyal following by highlighting what sets your team apart. Let your content shine and inspire others as you lead the way with the freshest and most creative ideas.

4. Create a Loyalty Program for Your Most Dedicated Fans

Rewarding your most dedicated fans can go a long way in keeping your business thriving. A loyalty program is a great way to do so. Not only does it make your loyal customers feel appreciated, but it also encourages them to continue supporting your brand.

When creating a loyalty program, consider what motivates your fan base. It could be exclusive discounts, early access to new products, or sneak peeks of upcoming content. Additionally, make sure the program is easy to navigate and understand.

Clear communication and transparency are key to maintaining trust, which is crucial for a successful loyalty program. By implementing a well-designed program, you can turn casual customers into lifelong fans.

5. Combine All Four Approaches with Connected Merchandise

In the highly competitive and crowded landscape of entertainment, it can be incredibly challenging for entities such as sports clubs to capture and maintain the attention of their fans. With numerous distractions like social media pages, television shows, video games, and more, it’s crucial for these organizations to find innovative ways to stand out.

Even within the realm of social media alone, sports clubs are constantly vying for attention, as each club typically maintains its own channel, posting content multiple times a day. This overcrowded digital space makes it difficult for clubs to effectively engage with their fanbase and convey their messages.

This is where connected merchandise comes into play as a cutting-edge solution. Connected merchandise offers a unique and immersive experience for fans while simultaneously serving as a digital communication channel for clubs. It goes beyond traditional merchandise, transforming everyday items into interactive, smart products. These products are equipped with technologies such as near-field communication (NFC), radio-frequency identification (RFID), or Bluetooth, enabling them to connect with digital platforms and devices.


By integrating digital connectivity into their merchandise, clubs can create captivating and personalized experiences for their fans. Fans can now engage with their favorite team or club in ways that go beyond passive support. For instance, a connected jersey might allow fans to unlock exclusive content, access live match updates, or participate in virtual meet-and-greets with players.

Connected merchandise also serves as a powerful direct communication channel between clubs and their fans. With each connected product linked to a digital platform or application, clubs can send targeted messages, special offers, and tailored content directly to fans through their merchandise. This bypasses the noise and clutter of social media channels, allowing clubs to establish a more direct and intimate connection with their supporters.

Moreover, when fans interact with their merchandise, sports clubs get insights into their fans from data like behaviors, locations, and preferences. This empowers clubs to engage their fans in more meaningful ways.

Closing Thoughts: Engaging Fans Year Round for Sustainable Sports Marketing

Engaging fans year-round is crucial for sports clubs to maintain a loyal and passionate supporter base. By implementing innovative strategies during the off-season, sports organizations can keep fans engaged and excited, ensuring their return year after year.

A combination of social media and email campaigns, promotions and giveaways, team content such as videos and photos, loyalty programs for dedicated fans, direct communication, and leveraging fan data via collectID technology are all key strategies when it comes to keeping the conversation alive even when games aren’t being played.

All in all, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula, but creative strategies that tap into fan interests and engagement will be sure to yield unique and impressive results. Now you can now bring the crowd with you wherever your club goes.

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