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The Sneaker that Gets You the Next Sneaker

Client: SONRA
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Benefits for the Brand and Fans

Exclusive ownership perks
Guaranteed purchase rights
Verified authenticity check
Direct sales impact
Customer engagement
Tamper-proof ecosystem

  • percent


    Tapped Their SONRA Prickly Pear

    Over half of buyers tapped the sneakers
  • percent


    Tapped Their SONRA Eisenhhut

    SONRA could see which sneakers got more interaction
  • percent


    Buyers Immediately Bought the Next SONRA

    SONRA gained a D2C channel for upselling
  • percent


    Buyers Submitted Creative Content

    Customers became brand ambassadors
zatap product commerce solution

Client: Sonra
Industry: Fashion

Money Can’t Buy Sneaker Experience

The sneaker that gets you the next sneaker. Berlin-based footwear brand SONRA elevated customer engagement and additional sales with the release of their limited edition sneakers featuring ZATAP technology.

“The start of the partnership with ZATAP was perfect. The SONRA ‘Prickly Pear’ was sold out within minutes, and I was able to offer my community a unique experience. It whets my appetite for more, and I look forward to implementing the ZATAP technology for all SONRA sneakers.”

Hikmet Sugoer
Founder, SONRA

Provide Exclusive Benefits to SONRA Community

As a young brand, limited brand awareness poses a challenge. Passionate enthusiasts often face disappointment as high demand from resellers leads to missed product releases. Additionally, concerns about authenticity loom large in the secondary market.


Digital Sneaker Ownership with One Tap

SONRA’s sneakers feature embedded ZATAP NFC tags, enabling effortless authenticity verification through one tap. Owners of the Eisenhut model engage in community contests for guaranteed access to upcoming releases, while Prickly Pear owners secure white-listed status for future drops.


New D2C Channel for upselling

For both sneaker models, about half of the owners tapped the sneakers with their smartphones to verify their authenticity. 37% of Prickly Pear owners exercised their pre-sale rights for the next release and 11% of Eisenhut owners participated in the community content, becoming brand ambassadors. SONRA achieved their goal of providing exclusive benefits to a community of customers who own and are loyal to SONRA products, and continued to integrate ZATAP into all sneaker releases moving forward.

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