Fostering Transparency & Innovation in Fashion

Client: ELLYHA
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Benefits for the Brand and Customers

Enhanced transparency
Digital Product Passport Compliance
Unique selling proposition
Community building
Extended product lifeycles

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    Value Chain Transparency

    ZATAP enabled complete value chain transparency, providing full visibility into their operations and practices
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    Product Interaction Rate

    A significant percentage of consumers engaged with ELLYHA’s products
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    Digital Product Passports Claimed

    Over a quarter of consumers have claimed their Digital Product Passport, gaining exclusive product information and insights

Client: ELLYHA
Industry: Fashion

Tap Into the Product’s Journey

The high-end, ready-to-wear Swiss fashion brand ELLYHA differentiated themselves by partnering with ZATAP to elevate transparency and consumer engagement. Through innovative solutions like the Digital Product Passport (DPP) and direct communication channels, ELLYHA empowered consumers with insights into their products’ journey while fostering brand loyalty.


Setting New Standards for Transparency & Circular Practices

In a competitive fashion landscape, ELLYHA aimed to stand out by embracing transparency and circular business models. Their challenge lay in effectively providing consumers with a transparent view of their supply chain while establishing a unique selling proposition as a newcomer brand.


Digital Product Passport with D2C Channel

ZATAP introduced the Digital Product Passport (DPP) for ELLYHA, integrating sourcing certificates, supply chain history, and care instructions. Additionally, a direct communication channel was established, enhancing brand loyalty through rewards and exclusive access.


Empowering Transparency, Loyalty, & Product Longevity

Through this partnership, ELLYHA achieved heightened transparency and a reinforced brand identity. Owners benefited from loyalty rewards like early access and discounts on new collections (DROP 02), while the implementation of care instructions and repair services extended product lifecycles. ELLYHA stands as a first-mover in compliance with the EU legislation around digital product passports.

“By allowing customers to access the journey of their garments through the Digital Product Passport, we’re promoting conscious consumerism and enabling a deeper connection between consumers and the fashion they wear. We want to empower individuals with knowledge about their clothing and inspire a sense of responsibility in the fashion choices they make.”

Elissa Lefoll
Founder, ELLYHA

Solutions Used in this Story

  • zatap dpp solution

    Digital Product Passport

    Empowering Transparency

    ZATAP offers brands full compliance with the upcoming Digital Product Passport regulations. Share relevant information directly through the product, while storing its authenticity safely on the Blockchain.

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  • zatap brand protection solution

    Brand Protection

    Authenticity at Your Fingertips

    Safeguard your brand against counterfeit products. Using blockchain and encrypted NFC tags, customers can verify the authenticity of their products with a single tap, bolstering consumer trust and brand reputation.

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  • zatap circularity solution


    Secure Reselling Experience

    ZATAP provides customers with instant authenticity verification, ensuring secure peer-to-peer trading without intermediaries, allowing brands to engage in secondary market activities, boosting revenue.

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