Gamified & Streamlined Stadium Entry with Merchandise

Client: FC St.Gallen 1879
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FC St.Gallen 1879

Benefits for the Brand and Customers

Faster stadium access
Atmosphere management through fan-wearable products
Insights into merchandise preferences and fan behavior
Increased merchandise desirability

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    Faster Stadium Entry

    FCSG sped up season ticket holder’s entry into the the stadium
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    Scarf Stadium Entry

    31% of scarf owners regularly use their scarf to enter the stadium
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    Average Engagement Time

    Fans spent time engaging with the extra content offered by FCSG in the ZATAP app

Client: FC St.Gallen 1879
Industry: Sports

Gamified & Streamlined Stadium Entry with Merchandise

FC St.Gallen revolutionized stadium entry with their innovative Ticket Scarf, seamlessly integrating fan engagement, efficiency, and merchandise desirability.


Elevate Season Ticket Holder Experience

FC St.Gallen wanted to enhance the season ticket holder experience by offering a unique and practical gift. They sought a solution that rewarded the loyalty of their season ticket holders while also streamlining stadium entry and proomoting fan engagement.


The Ticket Scarf Experience

Each scarf was embedded with a ZATAP NFC tag and a unique serial number, allowing season ticket holders to unlock their scarf effortlessly. By inputting their season ticket number, fans transformed their scarf into a ticket, enabling streamlined entry on game days. By simply tapping their scarf against an NFC reader, fans accessed the stadium with their merchandise while also earning points for attendance and merchandise purchases.


Game-Changing Matchday Dynamics

The Ticket Scarf not only accelerated stadium entry twofold but also infused the stadium with vibrant club colors, elevating the matchday atmosphere. The gamification aspect fostered deeper fan loyalty, driving increased attendance and merchandise sales. FC St.Gallen also gained valuable insights into fan behavior and merchandise preferences, strengthening their connection with supporters and enriching the overall matchday experience.

Solutions Used in this Story

  • zatap venue access solution

    Product Venue Access

    Turn Products into Tickets

    Streamline stadium entry, reduce wait times, and offer opportunities for gamification directly through the product.

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  • zatap_sol_loyalty_small


    Wear-to-Earn Loyalty Program

    Level up your loyalty program with our wear-to-earn solution, allowing users to collect points and unlock exclusive perks simply by tapping their product. Super fandom starts here.

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