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The First Phygital Loyalty Jersey of Latin America

Client: Clube Atlético Mineiro
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Atlético Mineiro

Benefits for the Brand and Fans

Verified Authenticity Check
Loyalty Program Rewards
Jersey Community Map
D2C Channel
First Party Fan Data
Increased Jersey Price

  • percent


    Buyers Tapped Jersey

    Roughly one quarter of buyers interacted with the jersey
  • percent


    Buyers Tapped Jersey Multiple Times

    Fans interacted with the jersey more than once
  • percent


    Owners Activated Push Notifications

    Mineiro accessed a new touchpoint from owners activating push notifications
  • application (1)


    New App Downloads & Sign-Ups

    Fans downloaded the app from one tap
  • percent


    Bought More from Club & Sponsors

    Mineiro gained a D2C channel for upselling

Client: Clube Atlético Mineiro
Industry: Sports 

The First Latin American

Phygital Loyalty Jersey

Atlético Mineiro generated more than 15,000 additional app downloads and sign-ups and increased revenue by creating a one-of-a-kind fan engagement jersey by creating the first living jersey in Latin America.


App Downloads, Lack of First-Party Data, and Counterfeit Jerseys

Atlético Mineiro wanted to generate additional app downloads to increase fan engagement through unique digital experiences and obtain first-party data on their fanbase. The club also encountered issues with the counterfeit market in Brazil, affecting their merchandise revenue and brand integrity.


Phygital Manto Da Massa Jersey with Wear-to-Earn Loyalty Program

Atlético Mineiro enables fans who register their jerseys to connect globally on a map. This fosters a community where fans can engage with one another based on their location and jersey ownership. Additionally, fans can interact with their jerseys for various activations, such as game check-ins and participating in challenges to earn points. These points double as a loyalty program, offering opportunities to purchase club products or partner offerings with their points, thereby creating new revenue streams while nurturing an active fan community.


15,000 App Downloads, Engaged Community, and 10% Increase in Jersey Price

By integrating digital features into the physical jersey, fans were incentivized to download the Atlético Mineiro app, resulting in over 15,000 app downloads and registrations. These features boosted fan engagement and enabled the club to raise the jersey price by 10%, generating supplemental revenue. With additional app downloads, Atlético Mineiro achieved their goal of obtaining first-party fan data. The combination of NFC and blockchain allows fans to verify the authenticity of their jerseys and participate in an exclusive superfan community.

“More than a smart jersey, we like to call it a living jersey because the ZATAP technology allows us to always add new features, content, and coupons in the special area, so the jersey that fans started to receive in 2021 will be a different jersey that they will have in 2022.”

Felipe Ribbe
Former Head of Innovation, Clube Atlético Mineiro

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